Pantasia Casino Review


Pantasia Online Casino offers over 70 of the most recent games from Rival Gaming program. Rival may be your gambling platform at which the casino takes on your computer screen whenever you launch it. I discovered when I minimize it then open it again it becomes much enormous and easier to take care of. Still, the only path to navigate back to the primary lobby is to click the x in the top right corner. Most of this also, the significantly less than intuitive means of navigation makes it my least favorite gaming system. That said the most effective thing about the Rival Gaming system may be the iSlots matches that are a part of this computer software. They supply story lines, for example as”As the Reel Turns” and various dominoqq you can work through. Not only are they really fun but offer lots of bonus chances. Pantasia includes six such matches, They do take a number of years consuming but are all fun to play.

Pantino Casino is the only casino I have seen thus far that offers you free money. They deposit $15 for users when you get into the video game and sign up, there’s absolutely not any deposit required therefore make sure you register initially as playing money. Just claim the $15 and it is yours, then playing.

The majority of the games in Pantasia Casino are slots plus they do have a progressives too. I discovered that the slots payout very nicely and earned $200 in only a matter of minutes, thanks to the countless free spins I won. I think Pantasia Casino has more spare twists than I have ever seen.

Pantasia Casino currently includes a progressive slots game which allegedly it just opened however they have been missing online tournaments that are so popular at many different casinos. Additionally they have VIP program which is new for them. It resembles is attempting to maintain with one other casinos and also the supplies of free money and the simplicity of winning earn it worth going for a look at.

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